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I. Starck True Radiant Cut DiamondIsrael Starck was born 1929 in Czechoslovakia and is a survivor of the Holocaust.  Tragically, most of Israel’s immediate family, his parents among them, perished in the War.

Israel had relatives in Europe who were active in the diamond industry prior to the War; they tried very hard to convince him to join their newly revived diamond cutting plant.  Being young and restless, Israel did not wish to remain in Europe, and so they agreed to sponsor his education in the U.S.

Israel arrived to the U.S.A. following WW2 in August of 1948 as a student.   Unfortunately, during the 1950s, rather than attend to his education, Israel found himself increasingly involved in his relative’s business contacts in the U.S., while managing their interests and shipments for a few selected customers.  After several disappointing business experiences, Israel’s relatives decided to break off all contacts in the U.S. and not ship any more loose goods.  Eventually Israel convinced them to send small shipments on a regular basis for which he would be totally responsible.  Israel started to travel mostly in the Midwestern states and call on all kinds of jewelry establishments; this was the birth of the I. Starck Co., Inc.

“Traveling on the road, I must say, this experience was the most remarkable training and education I could have received.  Nothing could have prepared me better for laying the foundation of the I. Starck Co. brick by brick, or should I say stone by stone.  And some of the friendships cemented in the ‘60s and ‘70s I still cherish today.”  
-- I. Starck

I. Starck True Radiant Cut DiamondI. Starck is very proud of another significant achievement that contributed towards the evolution of the entire diamond industry – the Radiant Cut Diamond – this is truly a feather in our cap.

I. Starck was directly involved with Master Diamond Cutter Henry Grossbard (z”l) of R.C.D.C., experimenting, developing, so as to then obtain a U.S., British, and Canadian patent, as well as a world wide mechanical and design patent for a rectangular Diamond with more facets than the conventional brilliant cut stone.

He experimented with the newly cut stone for a while in the Far East under the headline “A Star Is Born.”  The response and acceptance by the trade was spectacular!

In 1976 we were ready to introduce the new creation to the U.S. market. 

But we needed a name.

We are again proud to say, and it is on record, that I. Starck named and christened the new creation as the RADIANT CUT, or RADIANT CUT DIAMOND.  It is now more than 30 years later and we are all witness that the “Radiant Cut Diamond” is widely accepted and used by the industry and public all over the world! 

With this patent and newly developed diamond cut, I. Starck had consequently revolutionized the entire diamond industry by opening the door to an array of “spin-offs” such as the quadrillion, starburst, and the ever popular princess cut.

I. Starck innovation does not end with the Radiant Cut Diamond.

Three decades later, we have another dream.  To bring you the ideal-cut “Symphony Cut Diamond™” that will encompass the heart and soul of all other existing cuts, especially the oval, cushion, and princess in its square and rectangular shape.

I. Starck Symphony Cut Diamond

A square cut, with a bottom like a radiant and a top like an asscher.  The diamond has 65 facets: 40 on the bottom and 25 on the top.  It will be sold with a special Symphony Cut certificate which is currently under development.

We are also pleased to announce our recent procurement of Rio Tinto licensing and becoming a “Select Diamantaire.” 

The Select Diamantaire Mark, a registered trademark of Rio Tinto Diamonds N.V., is licensed annually for use by Rio Tinto Diamonds’ customers.  The Mark recognizes our status as providers of diamonds from the Rio Tinto mines (Canadian) to the diamond and jewelry trade.

The Select Diamantaire Program is a customer recognition program that celebrates and promotes the distinctive skills of Rio Tinto Diamonds’ core customers, each of whom are selected for their specific experience and expertise in the trading, cutting, and polishing of diamonds.

We invite you to join the I. Starck Co. family, so that collectively with our old, new, and future customers, we will make history together!

I. Starck Co., Inc.

60 Years of Excellence!

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